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Looking for an iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 8+, or iPhone 6/5/5S/SE repair service in Los Angeles / Santa Monica Area?


Look No more. We have you covered!


Genius Squad is a one-stop-shop for all your iPhone repair needs in Los Angeles, California.

Our focus on an outstanding customer experience is our mantra and we strive to make the repair process of your iPhone painless and in many cases an enjoyable resolution to your problem.

Over 1,000 services and thousands of satisfied customers is the best way to know your iPhone is in good hands... Schedule your iPhone repair today. Most of these services are done while you wait, within 1 hour in most cases. We specialize in iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 8+, iPhone 6/5/5S/SE, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S to give you the best service in Los Angeles Metro Area. 

iPad & iPhone Repairs

Macintosh Data Recovery


Give us a call and see how we can recover your important data. 
We’re data recovery experts. 
Accidentally drive over your laptop? 
We can get your data for you!

Macintosh Service and Upgrades


One call to our friendly, helpful Apple and Mac-loving staff and you’ll  know why Genius Squad is the preferred repair shop for Macintosh consultants and geniuses throughout the LA area.


Our Apple/PC technicians are famous for their knowledge and experience in fixing a variety of hardware and software computer problems, whether your Mac or Mac-related hardware is in warranty or not. We repair almost any problem on just about any Macintosh. Have a system 6 problem? We can still fix it!


We understand that it can be critical to remain productive while your Macintosh is broken  so we offer rentals and rush service to keep you up and running. We even have a special rental rate for our repair customers.


Our Macintosh service department focuses on doing things that other stores do not, such as onsite service and training within the greater Los Angeles area. We perform many repairs in-house that other shops do not. Need to run Windows on your Mac? We’re here if you need Bootcamp and Parallels installation. God forbid, want to sync a Blackberry to your Mac? Yes we can!


We also offer business services including onsite OSX server and SAN setup and support, exchange server integration, service contracts and maintenance agreements. Additionally, we can setup VPNs, routers, firewalls, and networks.

Of course we can also upgrade your Mac’s hard drive, RAM, or the MacOS.


Unlike some other stores, no appointment is necessary. In addition, our parking is free and conveniently located directly behind our store. Why struggle carrying a heavy computer through a mall or up stairs? At MacEnthusiasts, it’s just a few steps from your car to our back door where you can easily step in and ask us for help carrying your Mac from you car.


We try to keep our repair queue to 2-3 business days.



We can be your Macintosh IT department; outsource your Macintosh IT to us so you can just say, “Need help? Make an appointment.” We’ll always do our best for you.


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